CCJR Mobile Applications


At CCJR Mobile LLC, we selected Android as our mobile development platform. Android is a mature and powerful environment, and brings lot of benefits to its users and partners. Android is powerful thanks to its open environment and multiple devices. We want to build and provide our customers with quality mobile applications.

Our role is to build the applications you need. We're a small group of experienced developers who work in the mobile software development industry. We understand Android devices, development processes, and the tools that surround it. We are able to apply our knowledge and experience to come up with solutions for all customers' needs.


Contact Us

We are committed to create great and useful applications. Please, contact us to share your experiences, and let us know if you want us to implement new features. We look forward to hearing from our customers.

We are also available to build custom mobile applications. If you want us to give you a quote for a project, feel free to contact us at contact AT